ERsistemi is specialized into design and implementation of automation and process control systems: based on PLC , PC, HMI, SCADA and DCS. We are able to provide complete turnkey solutions (engineering, electrical panels , wiring, software development, installation, commissioning, documentation, validation). Our skills comes out from a long and proven experience in design and installation of control systems for machines, lines and complete units/plants. We have an extensive knowledge of current technologies, design methodologies and regulations requirements either for European markets either for US/CAN. Thanks to this, we are able to supply complete and integrated solutions, from field sensors up to the data exchange with company management systems: SAP, MES, ERPs. ERsistemi is able to integrate PLC , SCADA and BATCH Management and MES of the well-known market leaders , which whom we are partner; this allow us to offer to Customers the best solution, technically advantageous. ERsistemi has the expertise to integrate devices and equipment from several manufacturers developing, if necessary, specific data transfer services to allow the communication from the field up to the highest levels. Starting from the specifications, directly from the customer or written in collaboration , we design, develop, construct, document, install, and maintain the entire system. Activities in different areas, successful applications, a staff of over 60 people, offer to the Customer the valuable advantage to have a unique and reliable supplier for the complete system. The mission of ERsistemi is to provide real solutions to real problems.

Address: VIA F.SANTI 7
Phone: +39 0521 303491
Website: http://www.ersistemi.it
Industries Served: Household, Personal Care
Life Sciences