Pillar Innovations offers customers a complete automation, systems integration and networking solution. Pillar Innovations has competent staff trained to handle projects from their concept through startup. We specialize in long distance networks which are often required in industries such as coal mines or ski slopes. These networks are usually measured in miles instead of feet. Weoffer our customers a comprehensive knowledge of fiber optics along with unique solutions to fiber opteics cabling issues. Our fully sealed hermaphroditic fiber cable system offers preterminated multi or single mode fibers in 4, 6, 12 channel solutions. These cables are used in areas where field terminations are impractical or where the fibers need to be disconnected and reconnected on a regular basis. Pillar Innovations also offers a UL listed panel shop which adds value for our customers who are seeking a one stop solution. Pillar Innovations is a service oriented company capable of doing projects, on site, in both the national and international arenas.

Address: 32 CORPORATE DR
GRANTSVILLE, MD 21536-1259
Phone: 301-245-4007
Website: http://www.pillarinnovations.com
Industries Served: Mining
Oil and Gas