Our company directs its efforts towards designing and producing modern and reliable automation systems for the industry. The main areas of our activity are as follows: - realization of projects in the branches of PiA and low-voltage electrics, - development of software for PLC controllers, SCADA and DCS systems, visualisation and control panels for computer stands, development and tuning of relational databases, - units prefabrication, automation systems assembly and start-up on the plant, - guarantee and post-guarantee service. Merrid Controls Ltd. specializes in: - control, supervisory and accounting systems for tank farms - 'SAMER', - telemetry systems for brown coal mines, petrol pipelines and gas pipelines, - automation systems for the following plants: production lines in the rubber industry - GUTMER, carbourization units, mazout plants, conveyor belts, excavators and dumping conveyors, pump houses, production lines in the food industry, installations working in hazardous areas. Typical SI with main focus on petrochemical and coal mining solutions. Strong experience in process applications. Involved in projects related with PKN Orlen and Kopalnia Belchatów

Address: UL.SZPARAGOWA 6/8
LODZ, 91-211
Phone: 42 640 51 77
Fax: 48 42 616 23 49
Industries Served: Chemicals & Plastic
Oil and Gas
Pulp & Paper