Bruno Engineering, Inc. is an electrical engineering consulting, design, and construction management firm specializing in electrical utility, industrial, commercial, and mining systems engineering and studies. From engineering design to on-site trouble-shooting and start-up/commissioning services, Bruno Engineering’s objective has been to provide complete engineering services to our clients and their projects. Our group has extensive experience to assist our clients in all areas of electrical power distribution, control, and communication systems design. Our expertise in power generation, transmission, and distribution in low, medium, and high voltages allows the firm to provide electrical engineering services for any project, irrespective of size. In this context Bruno Engineering offers complete design services in the following areas: I. Power Distribution/Transmission/Generation - Mining, Utility, Industrial and Commercial - High, Medium, Low Voltages - Substation Design and Site Evaluation - Line Design and Route Selection - On-Site Stand-By Generation - Automatic Transfer Schemes/UPS Systems - Utility Paralleling Systems - Custom Switchgear Designs - Power Quality Site Surveys - Trouble Shooting and Diagnostics - System Planning and Design - Lighting Protection - Design Schemes Energy Monitoring and Management System II. Power System Analysis - Short Circuit Fault Studies (Protective Device Evaluation) - Protective Device Coordination - Load Flow - Power Factor Correction - Grounding - Transient Coordination - ETAP PowerStation 4.7.4C Software - Feasibility III. Rate Studies/Feasibility Studies/Cost Estimates IV. Field Investigation/Site Surveys V. Equipment/Materials Specification - Binding Documents Preparation - Submittal Reviews - Cost Evaluation VI. Project/Construction Management - Develop Procedures, Schedules, Critical Dates and Project Milestones - Supervise Start-Up and Commissioning of all Designed Systems - Site Inspection/Progress Reporting - Technical Support (On-Site/Remote) - Create Comprehensive Maintenance and Service Schedules for all Installed Equipment VII. Lighting System Design and Control VIII. Control/Automation Systems - Industrial Control and Relaying Schemes - Protective Relays Integration/Programming - Programmable Logic Controllers Applications o Automation Application Engineering o Application – Specific I/O Development o Plant Process Monitoring and Control o Plant Wide/Data Collection o Production/Maintenance Scheduling o HMI (Human – Machine Interface) o Dedicated Control – Stand Alone o Distributed Control – Multiple/Independent Control o Integrated Control (SCADA) – Coordinate/Supervise Dedicated and Distributed Operations o Discrete, Analog, Specialty I/O - Communication Protocols (Networks) o RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 o Ethernet o Device Net o Control Net o Modbus o Profibus o Data Highway Plus (DH+) o Remote I/O o ASCII o Fiber Optic/Copper Networks - Operator Interface Terminals o Keypad Or Touchscreen Terminals o HMI Graphical Interface o Custom Graphics o Indicators/Message and Alarm Display o On-Line Monitoring / Numeric Entry o “Device-Like” Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, ect.

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