SIGMA develops and implements with a Team of more than 30 Engineers and Technicians - innovative, reliable and technically sophisticated customer solutions. In the fields Process control and Automation technology, Measurement technology, Plant-Intelligence as well MIS - predominant for die Process industry, especially Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology, Vaccine and Diagnostics. Excellent Know-how, high flexibility as well as high adherence to schedules and costs characterizes SIGMA. Due to our strong customer orientated approach is the selection of the system - considering the task - individual. Our primary fields of activities: o Engineering / Coordination / Consulting o Entire project handling o Process analyses / MIS / Plant Intelligence o Qualification / Validation o Maintenance / Service Industries Served: Pharmaceutical Industry, Other

Address: Softwarecenter 1
MARBURG, 35037
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Fax: 06421/ 389554-21
Industries Served: Chemicals & Plastic
Life Sciences