Since 1984 Avanceon has helped customers with complex needs to execute and deliver automation & controls solutions, and to improve their operational efficiency / safety and reliability with quality in both product and process. We use a structured, best practice CSIA based approach to design, develop and deliver automation and information systems, ensuring a customer-supportable, long term solution. In addition, we collaborate closely with our customers to put their teams on a path to independence with our real-world training and 24x7 support services. Avanceon specializes in the execution and delivery process of the turnkey package solution. Avanceon is one of the largest, independent control system integrators present in theree regions of the world and specilizes in Oil & Gas, Water and Infrastructure related projects (mainly Rail Industry with Tunnel safety Applications). Avanceon is a memeber of CSIA standards commitee and is playing an active role in that organization. Avanceon follows best practices of engineering and execution which includes; AutoGEN, ABACUS Project Management and V-Life Cycle approaches for client satisfaction and traceblility of project documentations

Address: P. O. BOX 18590
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 4 8860277
Fax: 4 8860288
Website: http://www.avanceon.com
Industries Served: Fibers & Textiles
Oil and Gas