Manufacturers worldwide choose HS Automation Company, which manufactures and installs industrial automation systems, developing complete 'turnkey' projects and providing a wide range of ancillary services.
Through the work of our technicians, HS Automation develops complete software for industrial automation and quality control. HS Automation guides the customer in choosing the right products, which can improve the performance of the systems also in terms of energy efficiency.
HS Automation's Safety Department develops solutions to increase the level of safety of machines, systems and operators, without any loss of productivity. HS Automationoffers a wide range of services to its customers to ensure maximum efficiency of the products over time.
HS Automation has recently been licenced to issue certificates of compliance for electrical panels and cabinets that follow USA and Canadian regulations

Address: VIA FAINI, 5/B
BOVEZZO, 25073
Phone: +39 030 2712869
Website: http://www.hsautomation.it
Industries Served: Metals
Power and Energy