Mikor Inzyniering Sp. zo.o.

Automatic control is a basic science in todayís world. We experience it nearly everywhere. When using different tools and machines or sitting at the theatre, we donít realise that behind all those products there is a team of people responsible for safety of each one of them. During a theatre performance, besides the skills of the actors, we can admire how the scenography changes, the performers suddenly disappear or the lighting shifts. These conveniences are effect of work of a team of designers, automation technicians and engineers with passion for developing new technological solutions for devices that are not visible at first, but that have a huge impact on the surrounding world. Building machines and devices and setting them in motion in a way that enables performing certain tasks, as well as ensuring that they are safe, efficient and ecological is not easy. But it is our daily bread. We are glad that by fulfulling our passion we can help you in fulfilling your visions and plans.

Address: Pozaryskiego 28 bud. 22
Warszawa, 04-703
Phone: +48 693 755 003
Fax: +48 22 100 32 8
Website: http://www.mikor-inzyniering.com
Industries Served: Entertainment
Water/Waste Water