Ineax Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

INEAX is the acronym for Industrial Network Enterprise Automation Exchange, which is formed in 2002 and has since delivered more than 300 successful projects for Power & Energy (HV / LV Switchgear Controls), Oil and Gas (Shell DEP / Petronas PTS compliance) and Special Manufacturing (materials - Carbon / Limestone) directly to end users or through EPCC Contractors, OEM factories and consultants. INEAX Engineering S/B does not only provides system integration, but also seeding ideas, providing consultancy and design feeds to end users. Our philosophy and business model is simple - we create, promote and standardize innovative ideas and solutions for the market, from conceptual to final delivery. Our approach in our work is reflected in our motto: Çrafting Industrial Solutions. Our greatest strength lies in our talented resources in our marketing and engineering team (both were the forefront of Logix and FTView in SEA). We experiment with new ideas boldly over time, while keeping ourselves footed in our automation system integration activities. INEAX is also proud to be considered and invited directly by several end users to involve in some of the industry's most complicated and challenging projects, solving and creating world class technical solutions. An abstract from our website ( We are passionate about creating, refining and supporting our customers with a wide range of products and end-to-end services from consulting, designing to commissioning, through to maintenance plans, comprehensive trainings, and cloud-based dashboard services. INEAX employs and build our team of expertise in the following domains: Automation & Controls Connectivity & Industrial IoT Our Automation & Controls team specialises in optimizing automation with standard and specialised solutions that meet and exceed your needs. The team is the brain behind one of INEAX’s most popular solutions – IMCS@INEAX, an intelligent monitoring & control system for electrical switchgear systems. Our Connectivity & Industrial IoT team offers seamless data connectivity and cloud-based dashboard solutions. Leveraging on software tools and open platforms, we are able to connect to more than 200 protocols and contextualise industrial information for better decision makings and regulatory compliance, with unprecedented speed and ease. Not only do our teams excel in their own domain, we have also been extremely flexible and successful in integrating their domains of expertise. '

Address: 33-B, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla
AB31/AB, Kota Kemuning
Shah Alam, Selangor 40460
Phone: +60122038212
Fax: +60351215575
Industries Served: Oil and Gas
Power and Energy