Huazhang Technology, a new high-tech company, whose general headquarters lies in Hangzhou and was established in 1992, is mainly engaged in the distribution of a complete line of industrial automation products, engineering design, system integration and technical support. It is specialized in the research and development of automation control products, production and sales. Huazhang Technology is a well-known automation system provider. The business concentrates on the trades, such as pulp and paper, steel making, petrochemical, architecture and other relevant fields of applications. We have developed a series of control system products, include mainly: AC&DC drive systems, Distributed control system (DCS), Motor control center (MCC) etc. Since the establishment of R&D center in 2004, it has been focusing on developing the technology of using detect devices chemical agent and solid rejectamenta synthetically for paper enterprises. Our products include mainly: Press water on-line Detect System, Chemical Dryer Agent, New Micro-scale Sprayer System, Filter integration Detect System and Deink Energilazation technology etc., the use of which could ameliorate the manufacture condition a lot and improve the products? quality and efficiency as well decrease the cost. Established it so far, we have already obtained the outstanding achievement in pulp and paper, steel making, etc., and have become one of the native biggest automation system suppliers.

Address: 1360 Zhenhua Rd, No.2 industrial Area
Economic&Technical Development Zone
Tongxiang, Zhejiang 314500
Phone: 86-573-88588333
Industries Served: Other
Pulp & Paper