Kanawha Scales & Systems is a closely held corporation that provides a diverse offering of products and services throughout its eleven locations in six states. Started in 1954 as a weighing service organization, KSS still maintains an industry-leading service staff, operating out of each of the indivudual branch locations. Service departments offer a wide array of capabilities, including belt conveyors, truck and rail scales, hopper weighing systems, computer and PLC-based control and data collection systems, plant scales, automated bagging and drum filling/handling systems, and a host of material handling equipment. Kanawha Scales & Systems is also a dealer and/or distributor for a variety of manufacturers of weighing and materials handling equipment, ranging from bench scales and lab balances to heavy capacity equipment, such as truck and rail weighing systems. We are consistently a leader in sales for such major manufacturers as Mettler Toledo and Thermo-Ramsey. In selling such equipment, we design, install, interface to and support not only the provided equipment, but also many of the associated components, such as scale foundations, conveying equipment, and existing or new information systems. We also manufacture many of our own products. We are the world leader in the design and supply of unit train batch weighing loadout system technology, having captured over 80% of the world market. In these systems, we design, engineer, fabricate, manage, program, install, and support the various systems that comprise such a facility. These disciplines require computer, PLC, hydraulic, electrical, structural, and mechanical expertise from our personnel. Other products that we manufacture include specially-equipped heavy-duty scale testing trucks and buggies. These units are designed to enable efficient scale testing and calibration of weighing equipment for governmental agencies and scale service companies across the U.S. Lastly, our company provides a wide range of automated control and data collection systems to a host of industries. Many of these systems are of a custom nature, some dealing with weighing applications, some not, provided to the chemical, coal, aggregate, automotive and a variety of other industries. Through our branch offices, Kanawha Scales & Systems views our future potentials for continued growth to be in these types of work. PLC, PC, process control, networking solutions, and these types of overall solutions provide our company the competitive edge over other scale companies. Our engineering and programming staff and trained systems technicians offer us a diverse range of offerings to our growing customer base.

Address: 111 Jacobson Drive
POCA, WV 25159-9732
Phone: 304-755-8321
Website: http://www.kanawhascales.com
Industries Served: Mining
Oil and Gas