The RoviSys Company is a leading independent provider of integrated strategies, solutions, systems and services that advance the performance of industrial processes and companies. RoviSys helps clients by developing, implementing, and supporting integrated custom process automation and information integration solutions. To meet client needs for complete solutions and results, RoviSys blends the following skills and resources: Process automation strategy development, Control system integration, Process information integration, MES or process to business information integration, Software engineering and product development services. RoviSys capabilities and knowledge apply in nearly all process manufacturing industries, as the challenges and needs are similar. Clients benefit from the shared experience and expertise gained by RoviSys employees working on systems and solutions across industries. Industries where RoviSys has gained significant expertise and provide advanced solutions on an ongoing basis include: Biotech-pharmaceuticals, Chemicals including petroleum refining and coatings, Glass including flat-panel displays and high purity, Plastics/polymers, Power generation. RoviSys employs proven project management and client collaboration systems to deliver vision, independence, and results in each project. These systems are embodied in GrandView, a RoviSys created application that gives clients 24-hour access to project progress reports and documentation.

Address: 1455 DANNER DR
AURORA, OH 44202-9273
Phone: 330-562-8600
Industries Served: Chemicals & Plastic
Life Sciences
Oil and Gas