Power Electronics, Inc. is a multi-talented company with expertise in all facets of industrial automation and control systems. Customers come to us with needs which required varied control experience requirements. These needs range from food process/packaging lines, enviornmental to steel blast furnance controls. They range from Micrologix controllers to PLC5, Contrologix and DeviceNet systems. Amusement Park Ride manufacturers are a typical type of customer. This type of customer comes to us with a mechanical design which we in turn design an electrical system to their needs. Our scope is to work with the ride manufacturer and amusement park to determine ride operation. We then design a ride control system to meet their needs. Our design is complete including component specification, system drawings, installation drawings, PLC programming, MMI programming, manufacturing and commissioning. These systsems usually consist of redundant PLC's and various AC and DC drive systems. Typical I/O for these systems range from the hundreds to the thousands depending on the complexity of the ride. We are the sole United States integrator for one of the major ride manufacturers supplying rides to Six Flags/Premier, Disney and Paramount theme parks across the country.

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