Hedrich GmbH

Optimally functioning automation… …is one of the most decisive criteria for efficiency and economy in production. To allow you to expand and use the automation potentials of your enterprise profitably, we offer tailor-made software and automation solutions. Our core competences are the solution of control problems in equipment engineering, the detection of unused automation potentials in your production flow and the development of control programs for more efficient utilization of newly gained resources. Design & Engineering · Selection of suitable automation components · Elaboration of project structures · Preparation of realization profiles · Implementation of project planning in hard- & software. Being a Rockwell Automation Solution Provider, we offer compact control unites, SPS drives and PC based control systems, all state of the art and of best quality.

Address: Greifenthaler Strasse 28
Ehringshausen-Katzenfurt, 35630
Phone: 49 6449-71779-11
Fax: 49 6449-71779-10
Website: http://www.hedrich.com/index.php?id=407&L=1
Industries Served: Automotive
Chemicals & Plastic
Power and Energy