Cougar Automation are in the business of taking away customers' automation problems and simplifying their lives so that they can concentrate on their core business of delivering the essentials of modern life. Cougar Automation are proud to have helped their customers: Deliver clean water to millions of people; Treat waste and clean up the environment; Deliver essential medical products; Provide food products; Keep 60 million air passengers flying each year; Support worldwide distribution of products. The main service to their customers is designing and supplying automation systems through project work. An important secondary service offered is emergency support to customer's operations. The support operation represents about 10% of Cougar Automation's business. Main Solutions: Pump station, Conveying, Mixing Weighing Batching. Email:

Address: Wellington Gate
Silverthorne Way
United Kingdom
Phone: 23 9226-9960
Fax: 23 9226-9968
Industries Served: Oil and Gas
Water/Waste Water