Tunning Ingenieria Ltda.

Starting up. Thatís the idea that moves us and drives each one of the projects in which we have worked since 1994. With energy. With technological innovation. With professionalism and a proper business approach that has made Tunning to be a company with strength based on its specialization in industrial automation in the mining, petrochemical and food areas and the general industry as a whole, both in Chile and abroad. Through strategic alliances with companies such as Rockwell, Siemens, Hardy and others, we integrate state-of-the-art technology to transform our systems into a mainstream solution for different industrial automation requirements. Tunning already is a consolidated company. A company that is in motion. With offices in Santiago, Calama and Mexico, our company looks to the future with optimism. Our technical and financial support makes Tunning the exact choice for your automation needs. In your start up, I welcome you to Tunning.

Address: Porvenir 245, Santiago
SANTIAGO, 13 8320000
Phone: 562-341-4811
Website: http://www.tunning.cl
Industries Served: Cement & Aggregate
Water/Waste Water