Ceskat is a system integrator company. The main business sector is mining. The services/products offered are engineering, training, start up/PLCs, HMI and Drives (AC, DC), stand alone or built in electrical rooms. Major clients are in mining (Codelco, Escondida, Mantos Blancos, ENAMI), public services (Metro, Aguas Andinas), and Energy (Endesa, Colbun). Areas of expertise are: system integration with application on levles 3, 2,1 and 0 of the CIM pyramid and Solution Provider in power electronics. The expertise of Ceskat is turnkey projects.

Address: CALLE NUEVA 1661 - F
SANTIAGO, 13 8600094
Phone: 56 2 433 1600
Fax: 56 2 375 0759
Website: http://www.ceskat.cl
Industries Served: Mining
Oil and Gas