Quantum Solutions is a full service control systems integration firm founded in 1997. Our base of operations is centrally located in the US. Our company will implement an automated solution designed specifically to meet your needs. Based on strategic alliances formed with process design firms, our company has the ability to evaluate all system requirements and then design, fabricate, and implement complete process system solutions. This includes the ability to deliver completely assembled and pre-commissioned skidded systems. Our services include everything from control system definition, electrical bid package development, in-house panel fabrication, custom PLC/HMI programming, CAD generated drawing packages, project management, system commissioning, training, and documentation. These systems will be designed using the latest controls technology. If requested we can customize this design to match your currently installed controls foundation. Our main goal is to provide quality engineering services in a limited number of industries. This focus will allow our customers to receive the best possible integration services and support. Our engineering staff consists of individuals with extensive real world experience in these industries, enabling us to provide a quality installation and 24 hour support to all of our customers. Our areas of expertise include control systems for food and beverage batch/blend operations, thermal processing, CIP (clean in place), rubber and fiber extrusion, packaging, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our intent is to help manufacturers develop and implement new efficient tools for use during product development and manufacturing, while maintaining or improving the current level of product quality. This also allows us to improve safety, reduce operator errors, and decrease overall product loss.

Address: 504 DD Road
Phone: 618-281-9574
Website: http://QSIControls.com
Industries Served: Beverage
Oil and Gas