Melfi Technologies is a Rockwell Automation Solution Provider with over 20 years process automation experience servicing the Global market.

Melfi Technologies provides PAC/PLC based automated feeder, mixer and extruder controls designed to be very user friendly and utilize only off-the-shelf components. Our core competency is material handling for continuous conveying, feeding, weighing, mixing and extrusion. Systems are very reliable and robust, enabling easy integration to any PLC or DCS supervisory system.

Melfi Feed© is the best in class PAC/PLC-based Weigh belt, Loss-in-Weight and Flowmeter automated feeder controller. The Rockwell based system is designed to directly replace the proprietary microprocessor equipment supplied by any of the popular LIW feeder manufacturers.

The Melfi Feed© and Melfi Extrude© system is designed to integrate all required process equipment into a single Rockwell Logix PAC/PLC platform for ease of maintenance and reliable operation.

As an independent systems integrator, we are familiar with all major brands of material handling equipment and have the expertise to adapt to any control process requirements.

Industries served include: Food, Plastics, Chemical, Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Mining, or wherever bulk powders and liquid materials are handled.

Address: 411 FOUR VALLEY DR STE 34
Phone: 9057609080
Industries Served: Food