At SPIN we specialize in integration of automation and control solutions for all processes involved in the production chain. Through our team, we advise our customers on the structuring and development of data collection, control, automation and information management processes. Computer systems evolution in the field of decision-making has lead us to provide types of solutions such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) expanding the concept of traditional control systems with the addition of production management functions. SPIN, S.A. was born in Barcelona in 1981 as a technology company focusing in industrial automation and control. It is a pioneer in Spain in the field of design and development of automation systems for industries. Its main objective is to offer solutions which provide added value to any industrial process which may require supervision, automation, control or data management. Nowadays, SPIN group is a global company made up of SPIN, S.A located in Barcelona and its affiliate companies SPIN UK LTD, based in Worcester (UK), SPIN MALAYSIA SDN BHD, based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and SPIN Australia Pty Ltd, based in Perth (Australia). From all these sites we offer our services to our customers all over the world.

Address: ROCAFORT, 241-243, ENTLO. 5
Phone: 93 494 93 00
Fax: 93 494 93 01
Website: http://www.spin.es
Industries Served: Automotive
Water/Waste Water