Our company is today capable of providing the following Services: Support and Advise in: ? Systems of Automation and Process Control ? Improvement of Plant Efficiency ? SCADA-ERP connection ? Communication Systems ? Automation of Energy Management ? Water Processing The correct choice of the equipment to be used is the ground for the future success of every automation project. We collaborate in the elaboration of investments plans, by studying costs, benefits in the short, medium and long term, needs for training of the staff involved, etc. Engineering Projects for: ? Process Control ? Communications ? SCADA Systems ? Instrumentation ? BATCH Production ? CIP or SIP Cleaning With a staff of technical experts trained and experienced in many of the control and telecommunication disciplines, CIRCULAR S.A. has implemented many of the most successful projects in our country in the last 2 years. This allows us to increase our knowledge background in order to keep improving our current and future customers’ systems. The variety of services that we can offer within our field encompasses even more because to all the above the following services are naturally added: ??Project Management ??Assembly and Starting ??Post guarantee Technical Support Service ??Equipment maintenance and repairing ??Training

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Industries Served: Beverage