Ethos Energy Group

EthosEnergy is one of the largest turbomachinery service providers. They provide upgrades, repairs, field service, parts, Operations and Maintenance, and EPC services for a wide variety of gas and steam turbines. EthosEnergy is the OEM for several gas and steam turbines including the Pratt & Whitney FT-4 and the legacy Westinghouse gas turbine fleet. The EthosEnergy Optimizations and Upgrades (OAU) business unit provides control system upgrades for Aeroderivative, Heavy Frame, Steam and Light Industrial Engines as well as turbine optimization software and Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics services. OAU has successfully upgraded turbine controls on over 870 gas and steam turbines.

Address: 591 W 66TH AVE
Phone: 970-292-2800
Industries Served: Oil and Gas
Power and Energy