Turbine Technology Services (TTS) is part of the TTS Energy Services family of companies. Based in Orlando, Florida, with facilities in Houston, Texas, and channel partners all over the globe (including Rockwell Automation), our team of 40+ engineering professionals has traveled millions of miles serving more than 400 clients in over 90 countries. We are ready to travel anywhere, often on short notice, to put our expertise to work providing innovative solutions to power generation facilities and compressor stations across the globe. TTS is a global engineering and technology company providing a wide range of technical solutions and capabilities. With more than 35 years in the turbine industry providing innovative solutions, high quality products and services, and engineering expertise, we are driven by our customer's needs: Emissions Compliance, Power/Revenue Improvement, Fuel Flexibility, OEM Dependency, Parts Availability & Management, Reliability/Availability Improvement, Maintenance and/or Rapid Power Deployment.

Our offerings include: Parts Supply, Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades, Engineering and On Site Services, Power Plant Services, Combustion and Performance Services and Light Industrial Turbine Services.

TTS works on a wide range of equipment in the power generation and gas compression industries including: General Electric - GE Aero/Alstom, Siemens - Ruston/Rolls Royce/Westinghouse, Mitsubishi - Hitachi/Pratt & Whitney, Light Industrial Equipment - Solar®/Allison.

Address: 12661 CHALLENGER PKWY STE 250
ORLANDO, FL 32826-2701
Phone: 407-677-0813
Website: http://www.turbinetech.com
Industries Served: Power and Energy