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Rsview32.gif RSView Enterprise Series
The RSView Enterprise Series is the software suite designed for Rockwell Automation’s ViewAnyWare products. The goal of the RSView Enterprise Series is to provide a common development environment, application reuse, and an integrated architecture so you can increase productivity, reduce operation costs, and improve quality.

Included in the RSView Enterprise Series is:

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) system for monitoring and controlling your automation machines and processes.

RSView32 Active Display System
A client/server application that extends the view of your data by allowing users to remotely load, run, and interact with RSView32 graphic displays from virtually any computer on a network.

RSView32 WebServer
Expand your view on the Web! Now you can quickly browse static snapshots from an RSView32 project, including graphic displays, tags, and alarms, through any standard Web browser.

RSTrend monitors and logs PLC data using a 32-bit data acquisition engine.

RSView32 SECSHost
Built for the semiconductor industry, an ActiveX control that gives RSView32 applications the ability to communicate with any SECS-compliant equipment.

RSView32 GEMTool
Built for the semiconductor industry, provides RSView32 with the ability to handle all SECS-II messages required by the Generic Equipment Model (GEM) standard.

A ladder logic monitoring diagnostic tool for the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 family of processors through which you can view your ladder logic in any application capable of containing ActiveX controls.

Preferred Server Program
This is an extended product-reference program. The products available within this program have been qualified and evaluated by Rockwell Software - tested with various HMI and Bizware™ applications so that you don't have to wonder, if they work or not.

RSView Machine Edition
RSView Machine Edition™ is the first product release in the new RSView Enterprise Series™.   Developed on Rockwell Software's new scalable architecture, it addresses the growing customer demand for an HMI solution that provides more flexibility and scalability than found in traditional machine-level HMI products.